Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Voki avatar creator
Voki is a fun type of creator, I liked that we could choose a design that was already made but I think  that's also their downside, you couldn't make it as person as you'd like. I also liked the colour change in everything (hair, lips, eyes, ect.)
This shows me as a family member. I believe this is how my family sees me. I am a fun but responsible, I tend to make sure everyone is okay. I am usually quiet around most of my family but around some others i am quite loud.
My Blue Robot
This is me in my dance group, I'm serious with my dance but also carefree and casual among my friends. I try to be as focused as much as I can during sessions.
I liked using My Blue Robot as it was something fun to mess aroudn with as it had many cool features like the hair styles and colour.

Rinmaru anime avatar creator
I liked this webpage as you could personalise it more, with hairstyle and clothing. i love anime so that gives me another reason to like it.
i think this is how my friends see me. just a quiet but happy person who has a lugh when they want too.

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