Sunday, 11 September 2016

Reflection - colour sensor

What did you learn? What did you get/understand?
I understand how to program the sensor to sense a colour and say it out loud. I really enjoyed programming it and Sharing it. My favourite part was testing it.

What challenges did you face? What did you do to try and work them out?
sometimes it would not track the colours or not say the colour but we figured it out with trial and error. we had to try a couple of times to finally get it right.

What is missing? what do you still have to learn?
I still need to learn how to make the robot to say the right colour.


  1. Shanay you still haven't posted your reflection. I do not understand you should have completed this in reschedule.

  2. OK Shanay I have assessed your Robotics project but need to have your evaluation. You and Carla appeared to work well allocating tasks to each other. You both could have spent more time in the planning phase breaking the problem into more doable parts. This would avoided some of the difficulties you experienced in your project. The code appears to have made good use of output blocks and loops.